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What Exactly Is A Romper?

You may have heard "romper" in conversation amongst your friends or casually mentioned on tv, but what exactly is it? Does any one-piece women's piece qualify as a romper? Do they have to have long legs or long sleeves? Are those rompers? As you build your wardrobe in 2019, these are things that are going to come into play. 

Let's Get Started! What is a Romper? 

At it's most basic, a romper is a shirt that is attached to shorts or pants as a one-piece combo, commonly worn by children. That's the general idea, but things have evolved quickly. Now rompers are a well-known fashion item among women. Let's get into the particulars.  

Are rompers meant for children?

Although the original concept of a one-piece garment was usually applied to children’s clothing, rompers have snowballed into fun and playful outfits for adults. Rompers can be comfortable, elegant, trendy, classic, or even old-fashioned, depending on the style you look at, and all of them are suitable for women of various ages. 

Do all rompers have to have shorts?

The answer ranges from "yes" to "mostly." In general, rompers have short sleeves or straps and come to about mid-thigh. This definition is stricter in some circles and looser in others. One-pieces that have legs that come past the knee are typically referred to as “jumpsuits,” and although they are very similar to the traditional concept of a romper, they tend to cover more skin.  

Can Rompers Only Be Worn in the Summer?

Rompers can actually be adapted for any season. Pair rompers with tights or leggings to keep your legs warm on cooler days and layer a matching sweater or jacket over the top. Pair with a peacoat or scarf and you're the angel of winter. Rompers are magical and love all types of weather. 

Do overalls count as rompers? 

Short answer, yes! Overalls are a denim version of a romper, especially if they stop above the knee. However, overalls usually require a shirt underneath whereas rompers are the whole kit and caboodle.  

Are Rompers... Just for girls? 

Traditionally, rompers are considered to be a feminine piece of clothing, but in recent years, the concept of “rompers for men” has swept social media and fashion blogs. Therefore, men and women of all ages have the ability to try on a comfy romper and strut their stuff on the street.  

Can people of all sizes wear rompers? 

Rompers come in petite or plus sizing. Women with longer legs may have more trouble finding their fit, but rest assured there are rompers for everyone. If you find the perfect fit for your body just make sure to note the company and watch for more.  

What Types of Shoes Should Be Worn With Rompers?

One of the best things about rompers is that they are ready for almost any shoe type. Flip-flop, short boot, high-heel, tennis shoe - pretty much any shoe that you can think of will work with a romper. Ideally, you will have to be a little fashion-savvy about the matching. For example, don’t wear exotic club pumps with a brightly-colored floral romper. Still, in many cases, most shoe types will pair well with a romper. Flip-flops and flats are a common favorite.   

Is a bodysuit and a romper the same thing? 

A romper is it's own complete outfit while a body piece is usually worn in conjunction with pants to cover your legs or a jacket/vest/sweater to cover your shoulders. 

Can Rompers Be Worn Simply as Shorts?

Sure! If you don't want to be known as the romper cheerleader for the day and answer all sorts of romper questions, a sweater over the top is your best friend. o keep the secret, lean on the side of longer layered clothing to hide your romper. 

Is it a dress, a romper, or a romper dress? 

Fashion is ever changing. the combination of rompers and dresses range in many styles and are suitable for formal events, date nights, and other activities, and more and more women are opting for those over traditional nice dresses. Rompers are all about comfort which make them a highly sought after item for any occasion. 

Should Rompers be Retired?

The answer is, NO!!! Rompers are just getting started. They are in the limelight and we haven't begun to see where they go. While this is obviously just our opinion, rompers are an incredibly versatile piece of fashion. Winter, fall, spring, and summer romper styles are only now coming to market. They can be worn with almost any shoe-type, so long as it is a fitting match for the style. Whether you love or hate the romper, it is only a piece of fashion that is both comfortable and stylish. The romper is certainly here to stay. 

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