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The 10 most adorable corgi gifts

The holidays are almost here, you still have the time to come up with the best corgi gifts for that corgi fan in your life. For those who don’t know what corgis are – for your sake, let’s do a quick 101 on that, shall we! Corgis are unique, distinct – looking, adorable dogs. So, if you’ve got someone in your life who is obsessed with these pups, check out our ideas for a perfect gift.

  • Corgi Butt Car Neck Pillow.

Tell me, what could be more comforting and relaxing than resting on a corgi’s backside – alright, just kidding! But the Corgi Butt Car Neck Pillow will make you feel relaxed when you are in the car. You can also get it for someone else too. Get it here.

  • Corgi Mom and Dad Coffee Mugs.

Make that Corgi lover in your life drink in style with the Corgi Mom and Dad Coffee Mugs. They will thank you later for being able to enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning thanks to you! After all, a cup of coffee gets you going – right? Get it here.

  • Corgi Butt Mouse Pad.

Hey, no pun intended, but surfing the net and working with your computer as a whole can really be stressful especially on your wrist. That’s why the Corgi butt will shield and protect your wrist from your desk. Like I said, what could be more comforting than a corgi’s butt? It’s a soft corgi booty barrier. Get it here.

  • Funny Corgi Security Shirt.

I’m not saying that Corgis are the best guard dogs (they aren’t) but when it comes to eating… they sure do know how to handle that. Get your corgi loving friend or family member the Funny Corgi security shirt. Hat better gift than one that puts a smile on his/her face. Get it here.

  • Adult Coloring Book Featuring Corgis

Before you say “I thought coloring was for babies” did you know that coloring as an adult helps to increase mindfulness, reduce anxiety, and reduce negative thoughts – don’t you want to help a friend with that? Get it here.

  • Corgi Xbox Controller Decal.

Corgis are a great gaming mate. Curling up to you while playing your favorite video gaming can be heartwarming. From Corgi with love! Get it here.

  • “Corki” Wine Stopper

We can’t always finish that bottle. The “Corki” bottle stopper will make sure your wine remains fresh and ready to drink whenever you want it. Get it here.

  • Splooting Corgi Magnets.

When it comes to splooting, no dog comes close to Corgis. So, how do we honor them? Hang your photos and cards with these adorable splooting magnets. Reminds you every day of the splooting abilities of your favorite dog. Get it here.

  • Corgi Cookie Cutter.

Even a corgi lover deserves a treat! With this cookie cutter, you will be able to make those delicious cookies you’ve always dreamt of and the interesting part is these cookies will feature your favorite dog. Eat on my dear friend! Get it here.

  • Corgi Butt Coin Purse

Not to worry! This will be the last butty gift on our list – we just can’t help it! looking for gifts from another ‘angle’ can really be interesting. View the other side of your beloved Corgi with this Corgi Butt Coin Purse! Get it here.

Which Corgi gift do you find interesting? One thing I know for sure is, any of these gifts will put a smile on his/her face. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Advance everyone. Cheers!

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